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      Events    in the Grossglockner-village.....

      flora, fauna, geologie

      Creative workshop Kals at the Großglockner:
      led culture and alpine pasture walks
              nature     fauna
      slide lecture “Historical biographies”
      on the traces the Kalser chronicle's

      various seminars

      showing-round at the local museum / area Ködnitz
      Grossglockner -exhibition
      at the Glockner-house / area Ködnitz

      in summer the “Celebration at the mountain”
      with a concert and various activities of the
      mountain railroads
      morning drinking and evening concerts of the
      local band  - Trachtenmusikkapelle Kals
      water-mill festival and farmers-market
      (farmers are selling their products)
      songs and native country evenings

      meadow celebrations of the different

      dance events and disco evenings
        Holiday-chalet  "Sonnenhof"    sun         A - 9981   Kals am Grossglockner / Grossdorf 28    
                    Tel + Fax     0043 / (0)4876-8275  
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