Großglockner in snow.....
frames of mountains with a high of 3000 meters!
  The Großglockner is also in winter the outstanding king of the mountain in the National Park  Hohe Tauern
          Who appreciates a restful and leisurely winter vacation
 feel sheltered in our little mountain village at its foot
                      Being able to make the most beautiful tours
                                  in this marvelous mountains -
              the going for a walk, walking and mountaineering.
             ski_run              Skier and snowboarder come fully into their invoice,
                          as well as the cross-country skiers
on pistes laid out spaciously and  variant richly
                                      and prepared very well
                  on the cross-country ski runs honored with
                         the Tyrolean piste stamp of quality
           Sun- admirers and those, who search calmness, with overused everyday nerves learn the agreeable
                            and healing strength of the winter sun by hiking in winter in clear mountain air.
       Winter vacation becomes an unforgettable experience in Kals at
Großglockner - also for families with children.
                          The local ski and snowboard school offers
      ski-, snowboard and cross-country skiing courses for adults and
          teenagers and children learn by well-trained ski-teachers
their first pressing bends and more.

The new professionals got at the child ski racing medallions and
              documents handed over at the completion of a week course.
         If it is wished, the youngsters could be in the nursery school,
            provides and looks after them so that also parents which
                        can enjoy the vacation in a complete way.
        depression_snow    However, are you looking for the unforgettable experience
                         away from the ski runs perhaps?
   Do you belong to the winter sportsmen who prefer depression
        snow driving or skiing on unprepared pistes who take a
   winter climbing of the Großglockners into consideration
                                    perhaps at full moon?
                        You are then right in our place, too.
                                   Our "glocknerführer"

                - the mountain guides and ski- teachers of Kals -
                      suit you  aside with advice and deed.

So, how about making holidays in winter in Kals at the Großglockner?
You know for certain:
a week of winter vacation = three weeks relaxation in summer!

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