Kals       -       in this valley the fall.....
                                                                                                            .....is something quite special!

   The larches at the mountain slopes stand like being in fire
    before they lose their needles definitely, the dark green spruces,
       and the canary yellow birches warm themselves in the fall
            sun in a marvelous contrast to the deep blue sky.

        The whole valley is just created to fill up relaxation,
   because now it is over and done with the peak travelling times.

                      climbing          The mountaineers are in their element now!

            Vacationists and natives use every day off and
         every weekend either for walks and climbing tours
           everybody on his own, or with mountain guides.
   Because of so many businesses,
                    don't forget to stop at one of all the shelters!

The hut hosts have the best remedies against thirst and  hunger on
      stock and you also get the needed stamps for your walking-card here
if you like to explore one of the walk or mountaineer badges.
Walking cards are available with your host        
                                 or in the local tourism office).
The shelters are opened depending on weather and snow
     situation from the beginning of June until the end of September.

Take the time and Muse in any case for your walks and activities on vacation and allow yourself rest breaks
                       for looking and watching of fauna and flora. Breathe the tasty air right from the alps in consciously!
You will feel the quiet very closely, which is so often lost in the everyday life, nowadays.

          hunting            All in all here you will enjoy for certain:
                 - a little different vacation -
    distant of tourist currents and without hectic rush!

Have you got desire on summer resort in Kals at the Gro▀glockner?

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                  Tel + Fax     0043 / (0)4876-8275 
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