Narional-park-holidays   -   summer resort in the suniest valley of eastern-tyrol.....

                -  for blossoming alpine pasture meadows, fresh air, crystal-clear water, much sun, healthy climate,
                                mountain adventure and the best relaxation
 -          .....this is vacation in Kals at theGroßglockner!

                  In our little mountain village in the sun valley of the Großglockner’s feet in the National Park HoheTauern-Osttirol,
                                                    the watches still go a little differently than in many other tourist places.
Honest hospitality of the resident, wonderful, unhurt nature for experiencing and for hiking, all of this forms the basis for
                                              a vacation feeling which you won’t find somewhere else easily.


   A view over the alps
    - particularly in the first half of the summers -
    in such a variety and beauty
    won´t be found anywhere else any more
And the great advantage is in Kals at the
  Großglockner that
 the most beautiful walk and
   paths start here in the village Glocknerdorf
   directly in front of our front

               Hikers very much like to walk on the "Europe-panorama-way" from
                               which everybody can enjoy a magnificent view at
                                  60 three thousand  meter high mountains
            and the lately installed “topic ways” in theNational  Park “Hohe Tauern”, e.g.
                the flowers and herb way to the Glocknerblick “Auf der Walde” and
               an alpine height way the “3.5 km environmental  circular route”
                                           starting at the top station'sBlauspitz.
                            National park Rangers offer constantly programs
              for children and adults and carry out excursions and trekking tours.
                          The most excellent one is theKalser-Glocknertreck!
                  children              However, Kals at the Großglockner is very popular as a
                                    vacation spot for families, too.

Six children's playgrounds were established    in the municipality -
          the highest at the chair lift station “Blauspitz” on 2,305 m
experience path child support is (with and without meals) offered in
   open game groups, checked mountain guides hold children-climbing
                   courses weekly
and the environmental nature path
                                     "I´ll show you a beautiful

was installed for children with their parents and also their grand-parents.
It is also usable for little children very well and meets with a very big

                         And who wouldn’t like to do something good
                                       in addition for its
                     Test the undergo a Kneipp cure plant in the area
and the water of the Rasegg creek!
           The older residents of the village know that once it has been
            ascribed an excellent well-being effect on skin problems to this
          water and they often use it as bath and washing water today certainly.

                                               All in all, our valley is indeed beautiful and nevertheless it is noch overrun!
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                        Tel + Fax     0043 / (0)4876-8275  

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